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Southern Oregon is home to some of the nations most revered whitewater rafting rivers. Great Oregon rafting rivers include the famous Rogue River with over 100 miles of whitewater rafting waters.

Rogue River National Wild and Scenic River

The Rogue River was declared one of the original Wild and Scenic rivers under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of October 2, 1968


Upper and Middle Rogue River Rafting

Rafting Season: May through October  Oregon Rafting Guides - Upper Rogue River Rafting

Rogue River rafting trips: the area that is noted for Upper Rogue River rafting is the runs from Shady Cove to Gold Hill. The Rogue River runs over gravel bars and bedrock for about 30 miles here with numerous access points to launch. Most all Upper Rogue River rafting runs can be made in 2 to 4 hours. Shuttle service and Rafting Rentals are available in Shady Cove and Gold Hill. Rapids are rated rafting class 1 to class 3, good amount of wildlife and nice scenery. Good family Oregon rafting fun with time left in the day for evening plans.


Rogue River Canyon Whitewater Rafting

Oregon Rafting Guides - Rogue River Canyon Rafting Outfitters O.A.R.S.O.A.R.S Rogue River Whitewater Outfitters

“O.A.R.S. has been in the whitewater rafting business in Oregon since 1969–We have our base of operation located  in Southern Oregon near the Rogue River National Forest and the Rogue Rivers headwaters in Crater Lake National Park. We offer whitewater rafting trips on the famous Rogue River. We are near Ashland and Medford the best family-friendly getaway.

We are a premier whitewater rafting outfitter across the Western United States along with rafting excursions we have a variety of gourmet wine tasting, fishing, hiking and lodging based adventure outings on the Wild & Scenic Rogue River.

Contact info@oars.com or call 800-346-6277


North Umpqua River Whitewater Rafting

Oregon Rafting Guides & Outfitters - North Umpqua River Whitewater Rafting
The fabulously beautiful North Umpqua River with its moss covered rock walls and very clear waters defy full description. We recommend using a professional North Umpqua whitewater rafting guide. O.A.R.S.

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Klamath River Rafting GuidesOregon Rafting Guides and Outfitters - Klamath River Whitewater Rafting - O.A.R.S

The Klamath River thunders through deep canyons in the Siskiyou Mountains. A high level of experience is required to raft the remote sections of the Upper Klamath River. We recommend using a professional Upper Klamath whitewater rafting guide. O.A.R.S.

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Illinois River Whitewater Rafting

Oregon Rafting Guides - Illinois River Whitewater Rafting OutfittersThe Illinois River is the largest tributary to the Rogue River with its headwaters in the Siskiyou Mountains near the Oregon Caves National Monument. The stretch of the Illinois River that is rafted is very secluded with much of its area within wilderness area. It would be fool hearty to attempt to raft the Wild and Scenic Illinois without a vast amount of experience or a quality Illinois River Rafting Outfitter.


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