Rogue River Canyon

National Wild and Scenic River

The Rogue River was one of the original eight rivers included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in October of 1968. With its famous Steelhead and Salmon angling, challenging whitewater and extraordinary wildlife-viewing opportunities. The Rogue continues to be one of the world’s most popular recreation destinations. The 43-mile Rogue River Canyon Wild section features predominantly Class III (or less) rapids, and includes thundering Rainie Falls (Class V) and breathtaking rapids at Mule Creek Canyon (Class III) and Blossom Bar (Class IV).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Wild and Scenic designated section of the Rogue River starts west of  Grants Pass (The River City), near where the Rogue’s 2nd largest tributary stream the Applegate River joins with the main stem Rogue River. The river soon turns north traveling flowing through the misterious Hellgate Canyon then past the lovely Indian Mary Park and into Taylor Creek Canyon.

The Rogue bends sharply west at Grave Creek and begins the famous Rogue River Canyon stretch with some serious drop which means whitewater in class 3 to 5 type rapids. Graves Creek Falls and Rainey Falls are a wakeup for what’s to come. Past Whiskey Creek and Zane Grey’s cabin the river slows to lull the traveler but soon awakens again.  Wild Section of the Rogue River begins at Graves Creek.

Rogue River Canyon Rafting - Rogue River Canyon Whitewater RaftingThe Rogue River Canyon’s white waters cut through the rock walls of Mule Creek Canyon and the boulder-strewn boat eating Blossom Bar Rapids. Rogue River Canyon Whitwwater RaftingThe river then slows in Huggins Canyon (said to have waters 200 foot deep). At Agness the Rogue’s largest tributary the Wild and Scenic Illinois River joins the Rogue’s main stem in flowing through Copper Canyon. Below Copper Canyon, the Rogue slows and widens, fishing is great here. The Wild and Scenic Designation ending at Lobster Creek which is 8 river miles up from the Pacific Ocean. The fishing town of Gold Beach sits at the rivers mouth with thousands of anglers visit annually to match skills with both Salmon and Steelhead the Rogue River is famous for.

Rogue River Canyon Whitewater Rafting

Galice, Oregon to Foster Bar

rogue_river_family_raftingThe Canyon section is all National Wild and Scenic designated, begins at Galice an old mining camp now the Mecca for travelers reaching for a true Wild Rogue Wilderness experience with comfort provided. Famous for Whitewater Rafting(White Water Rafting) is one of the nations topWhitewater Rafting and Drift Boat fishing Rivers.

Here the river begins a 60-mile journey through the rugged Southern Oregon coastal mountains. These mountains are so rugged no year around land passages have been found. Deep canyons and roaring rapids will quicken your heart at every turn only to drop into placid resting pools where you regain your resolve. A Whitewater Rafting (White Water Rafting) paradise for the experienced Whitewater Rafting enthusiast and vacation.

The Canyon once home to Zane Gray as a retreat to write and go flyfishing for Summer Steelhead. On your Whitewater journey you will pass his old cabin along the way at Winkle Bar. Famous whitewater rapids like Graves Creek Falls, Coffee Pot and Blossom Bar will be etched in your mind forever.

Oregon Whitewater Rafting - Rogue River Canyon RaftingThis section of river is only recommended for the experienced whitewater runner with either Whitewater Rafting or Drift Boat experience, if you are not experienced hire a professional. Your experienced guide is proudly known as a Rogue Rivermen, a title earned not given, after your whitewater journey you will know why. These trips are safe comfortable and exciting. You can camp at the rivers edge or stay at one of several river side Wilderness Lodges and Resorts.

Great meals friendships and scenery make memories for a lifetime. Early season trips are primarily Whitewater Rafting, in the early fall Drift Boat fishing trips for King Salmon and Steelhead becomes predominate.

A Canyon Whitewater Rafting Vacation or Drift Boat fishing trip will be a memory of a lifetime.
Wildlife, Wild Lands and Wild Water will greet you on your journey to the sea.

Rogue River Canyon Rafting Trips

Middle Rogue River Vacations , Camping, Fishing, Tour Boat RidesThese Canyon trips are limited access by draw only during the summer and fall seasons, administered by the Bureau of Land Management and the USFS Siskiyou National Forest. Historic Canyon Outfitters have permitted launch dates and can book your trip with a phone call.

Rogue River Canyon Permit Info

BLM River Permits
Rand BLM Smullin Visitor Center
14335 Galice Road, Merlin, Or. 97532
(541) 479-3735 FAX (541) 479-0535

rogue-2009-0132Jet Boats travel upstream from Gold Beach for 52 miles using historical permits with the U.S. Forest Service to travel into the Wild Section of the Canyon. Jet Boat trips will turn around at Blossom Bar and after lunch at a Rogue River Canyon Lodge or Resort then will return down river to Gold Beach. A great inexpensive way to see some of the Canyon Wild Section when time does not allow a 3 to 4 day float trip.