Rogue River Steelhead Fishing ~ Southern Oregon Steelhead Fishing

Returns of Oregon Steelhead to Southern Oregon rivers exceed all other Winter Steelhead rivers. Mild weather and good angling conditions blend with large healthy runs of winter steelhead. Populations of wild winter Steelhead far out number hatchery Steelhead returns.

Chetco River Steelhead Fishing

Chetco River located near Brookings Oregon:

January through March:

The Chetco River provides some of the most productive Oregon Winter Steelhead fishing to be found. The Chetco River Winter Steelhead run 8 to 15 pounds in size with many in the 20-pound class caught every year. The Chetco River has very good Steelhead bank fishing access through out its 20 miles of accessible fishing area. Winter Steelhead populations on the Chetco River are about 50% hatchery stocks with a 20,000 fish or higher winter Steelhead return annually. The Chetco River leads the state in angler success with Steelhead fishing done both from Drift Boats or Bank Fishing
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Lower Rogue River Steelhead Fishing

Near Gold Beach Oregon

December through March:

Best bets for Rogue River Steelhead fishing occurs in the lower 35 miles of the river. Great Winter Steelhead fishing is available to both bank fishermen and boat users. For Rogue Bank Fishing style is nearly all plunking with great success had from gravel bars at Ferry Hole, High Banks, Coyote Bar, High Banks, Huntley Park, Lobster Creek, Dunkleberger Bar and Squaw Bar. Boats are either Jet Boats which will anchor on inside corners with plugs in shallow water or drift roe from Drift Boats in the Agness area 30 to 37 miles upriver. Huge numbers of winter Steelhead surge into the Rogue River daily, making there way up the shoreline many times in no more than 2 foot of water. Hard moving winter Steelhead will avoid deep heavy water to conserve energy for their 150-mile journey up stream to the Middle and Upper Rogue River to spawn. Estimates of 125,000 to 200,000 returning Winter Steelhead, of these less than 10% are hatchery origin.

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Rogue River Canyon Steelhead Fishing

Foster Bar to near Galice:

January through March:
Rogue River Winter Steelhead fishing in the Canyon is for only the hardy, looking for a wilderness experience. The Rogue River Canyon is the heart of the Wild and Scenic area no motors and no roads. A few highly experienced Fishing Guides are running wilderness trips in the Rogue River Canyon area for Winter Steelhead.

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Upper Rogue River Steelhead Fishing

Near Medford Oregon:

January through March:

Upper Rogue River Steelhead fishing is in an area where the Rogue River is not as big and the water color runs clearer. Steelhead fishing here gets better as the season goes along and as sunlight warms the cold Rogue River waters. Late February and March is best as river has begun to warm and Steelhead move more freely. Drift Boats are used here mostly with some stretches accessible by Jet Boats. Bank fishing areas are more numerous also. Back Trolling plugs and Drifting Roe are still the main methods, some Steelhead fly fishing opportunities are also found.

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Applegate River Steelhead Fishing

Near Grants Pass, Oregon:

February and March:

20,000 plus Winter Steelhead enter the smaller Applegate River which gives Steelhead fishermen a real opportunity for success. The Applegate River is a small river with mostly private property, however there are fishing access areas and with 20,000 returning Winter Steelhead your chances are good. This area is a best bet for Steelhead Fly Fishing.

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Smith River Steelhead Fishing

Near Crescent City California:

January through March:

The Smith River is California’s best Steelhead fishing river. Smith River Steelhead can reach in to the low 20-pound class with most Smith River Steelhead going 8 to 15 pounds. A beautiful drifting stream with lots of Winter Steelhead fishing surrounded by the Redwood National Park.

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Winter Steelhead Fishing

Returns of Oregon Steelhead to Southern Oregon rivers exceed all other Winter Steelhead rivers. Mild weather and good angling conditions blend with large healthy runs of winter steelhead. Populations of wild winter Steelhead far out number hatchery Steelhead returns.


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