Southern Oregon Coast Whale Watching

Charter boat and air services are also available for modest fees at many locations for even closer experiences of gray whales and other sea life. Many of our Charter Boat members run Whale Watching Trips contact them directly for schedules and rates. Oregon State Parks Whale Watching site: Whale Watching Spoken Here

Facts About Grey Whales

Gray Whale off the Oregon Coast breaching

Length of Adults go to: 45 ft. – About the size of a Greyhound Bus!
Body Weights of 70,000 pounds or 35 ton
Migrations take them from the Bering Sea where they spend their summers to Baja California, Mexico in winter months, this is a round trip of 10,000 miles per year.

Grey Whales migrating south down the Oregon coast December through early February timeframe. Grey Whales then head North in late February to early June. However Grey Whales are seen feeding off the Oregon coastline every month of the year.

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