Upper Klamath Basin

Trout Fly Fishing / Bird Watching Upper Klamath / Wood River / Williamson River

Photo by Scott Haefner • Wood River entering into Agency Lake Upper Klamath Basin

Crater Lake is where Rogue Country begins. Crater Lake sits at about 7500-foot elevation on the crest of the Cascade Mountains. The Rogue drains west to meet the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach. The Klamath Basin sits in the Valley to the East Side of the Cascades and Crater Lake.

The Klamath Basin has much to offer the outdoor traveler. From Crater Lake National Park the East entrance will take a route down the East side of the Cascades following Anne Creek to the ranching town of Fort Klamath here the Wood River and Crooked Creek bubble from the ground in huge crystal springs.

Upper Klamath Basin

The Wood River is joined by Anne Creek and both flow south to Agency Lake and then to Upper Klamath Lake; while a few miles east Cooked Creek does the same.

Quaking Aspen line these streams with banks undercut where Rainbow and Brown Trout hide and run to 15 pounds.These streams are Fly fishing and lures only. Kimball State Park

Flyfishing the Basin Streams / Photo by Running Y Ranch Resort

Rainbow Trout caught fly-fishing Photo by Brian O’Keefe

About 10 miles East of Fort Klamath is Highway 97; the main route north and south along the east flank of the Cascade Mountains. Spring Creek meets the Williamson River at Collier State Park as it leaves the Upper Klamath marsh. The Williamson flows through Quaking Aspen Groves and Ponderosa Pine forests flowing south to empty into Upper Klamath Lake. On it’s journey the Williamson meets another stream the Sprague at Chiloquin. Home to Rogue Country fly fishing Master Fly Tier E.A.”Polly” Rosborough who passed away a few years ago. Polly will always be here having developed nearly all of his fly tying innovations on these streams for over 60 years.

For more Basin information seeVolcanic Legacy Byway or the www.DiscoverKlamath.com web link.

The Klamath Basin is home to the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge. Millions of Ducks and Geese either visit or make the basin home. Bird Watching and canoeing in basin Lakes and marshes is a very pleasant outdoor recreational experience.

Fishing Areas

Cooked Creek and the Wood River are great fly fishing streams with little public access as mostly private property. Our Outfitter and Guide members are most valuable in getting Fly fishing access and having local knowledge. Check with one of listed Outfitters and Guides.

Sprague River and Williamson River

The Sprague and Williamson Rivers are trophy trout streams and hold both Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout. Which migrate up into the river from the lakes. Rainbows of 5 pounds are common with the occasional ten pound Rainbow Trout, bigger fish are seen rolling and are enough to make even the most experienced angler gasp! rolling.

Agency Lake and Upper Klamath Lake are large shallow lakes not over 30ft deep. Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout congregate near springs within the lakes. locating these big fish holding springs can be difficult and using local fishing guides is of a great help. Rainbow Trout fly fishing in the lakes in is a trophy trout fishery with fish to 15 pounds.

Klamath River Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting in the Upper Klamath River is a favorite summer activity.
Rogue Countries Whitewater Guides and Outfitters can give you a safe fun Whitewater Rafting experience.

Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Bird Watching Links:

Klamath Birding Trails


Lake of the Woods Resort

Located on Hwy 140 between Medford and Klamath Falls

The resort sits at almost 5000 ft. in elevation and supplies Food – Lodging – Cabins – Yurts – RV Park – Camping – Marina and more. A great family vacation stop less than a hours scenic drive from the south entrance to Crater Lake National Park. Just a few miles east of the resort is the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge.

Phone: 541-949-8300
Toll Free: 866-201-4194

Mailing Address:
Lake of the Woods Resort
950 Harriman Route
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601-8518

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