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Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

Oregon Fishing, Oregon Salmon Fishing

Guide Denny Hughson with limit of Rogue River Spring Chinook

All Southern Oregon rivers have large returns of Fall King Salmon / Chinook Salmon. Nowhere in an area of 180 miles of coastline are so many Fall King Salmon / Chinook Salmon found as this area of the great Northwest. This is the reason that Oregon fishing opportunities for Fall Kings or Chinook Salmon are among the best salmon fishing trips found anywhere here in Southern Oregon.

Southern Oregon fishing rivers have annual returns, not counting ocean harvest (of 20% plus) of over 650,000 returning Fall King Salmon / Chinook Salmon annually. These great Kings or Chinook Salmon average 20 to 30 pounds with many going higher.


Oregon Fishing world-record-king-salmon-on-fly-71-2

World Record King Salmon caught while Fly Fishing 71.5# with 8 lb test leader in 2001 on the Rogue River by Grant Martinsen

In 2001 the Fly caught World Record King Salmon / Chinook Salmon was taken on a Oregon fishing trip by Grant Martinson of Grants Pass Oregon. While on an Oregon fishing vacation to the Lower Rogue River at Gold Beach of 71.5 pounds.

Oregon Fishing - Rogue River Spring Chinook Fishing

Gold Beach River Guide Ron Buntrock with limit of Rogue River Spring Chinook










Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Rogue River Spring Chinook Fishing

Landing a Rogue River Spring Chinook

Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon are likely the best of all Chinook Salmon to eat. Spring Chinook enter the Rogue just hours out of the Ocean. Fishing is best during spring runoff and snow melt in the spring of the year. April through June are best fishing time frames for Rogue River Spring Chinook. Most are caught only hours after entry in the cool springtime water flows of the Rogue River.

The best opportunity to catch Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon is April thru mid June on the Lower Rogue near Gold Beach Oregon. Starting in late March at Gold Beach Oregon and extending upriver 35 miles through June when the flows drop and water temperatures rise.

Oregon Fishing - Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

Rogue River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishing

By late May early June good numbers of Springer’s will arrive in the cool waters of the Upper Rogue near Medford and Shady Cove and this Oregon fishing trip opportunity will continue through July in this area with June early July being the peak of the Springer run on the Upper Rogue.


Umpqua River Spring Chinook Salmon

The Lower Umpqua River Spring Chinook run is high quality with fishing best just above tidewater below Elkton Oregon. The Umpqua River has high quality Chinook Salmon in the spring months coupled together with beautiful river scenery and the legendary Umpqua River history.

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Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Oregon Salmon Fishing - Gold Beach Oregon Fishing -rogue-river-fall-salmon-denny

Two very large Summer / Fall King Salmon caught in Rogue River estuary at Gold Beach with Guide Denny Hughson

Rogue River Summer & Fall King Salmon Fishing

July through October

Gold Beach Oregon Salmon Fishing

Early July is the startup of fishing for our Rogue River King Salmon. In August 2002 a 66-pounder was landed while trolling in the river estuary area at Gold Beach Oregon. This was the largest King Salmon landed in Oregon in nearly 20 years. This catch of a 66-pounder was soon eclipsed by a true Rogue River monster size Oregon King Salmon at 71.5#!

Nearly all of the Fall Rogue River Salmon fishing is for wild salmon stocks, very few hatchery Fall King Salmon are found in the Lower Rogue River until September when the Indian Creek Hatchery salmon return to the estuary.

Oregon Fishing - Oregon salmon Fishing - Gold Beach Oregon Fishing

Two nice Rogue River estuary Kings

Salmon fishing is good on the Lower Rogue River at Gold Beach until mid to late October. The Middle Rogue near Grants Pass fishes well from Labor Day through October.
The Lower Rogue River near Gold Beach is the best bet for salmon fishing on the Oregon Coast until water temperatures start to cool in September. Cooler weather in September brings water temperatures down encouraging stacked up King Salmon to enter other coastal rivers like the Coquille River at Bandon and the Coos Bay estuary as well as the Lower Umpqua River. The small coastal river will not get enough water flow until October to break down sanded in river mouths to let kings enter the rivers.

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Coquille River Fall Chinook Salmon Fishing at Bandon Oregon

Oregon Fishing - Coquille River Salmon Fishing - Bandon Oregon Fishing

Coquille River Salmon Fishing with Guide Tim Schlund of Fish Oregon Guide Service

September through October

September 1st will begin the Coquille River run of Fall Kings returning 30,000 Salmon, averaging 25 to 50 pounds. All of these fish are caught in tidewater areas of the Lower Coquille near Bandon Oregon. Most of these Coquille King Salmon are caught from power boats trolling herring and spinners or plugs. Coquille River Fall King Salmon fishing trips remains good September through October. By the end of September Silver Salmon or Coho Salmon join the Coquille River fishery. Crabbing is also excellent on the Coquille at same time frame.

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Chetco River Fall Chinook Fishing at Brookings Oregon

October thru December

Oregon Fishing - Chetco River Salmon Fishing at Brookings Oregon

Chetco River Salmon Fishing at Brookings Oregon

October 1st will begin the Chetco River run of Fall Kings, the Chetco returns 20,000 Fall Kings averaging 25 to 50 pounds. Chetco Fall Kings begin their run by milling in and out of tidewater or holding in upper tidewater pools like Morris Hole and Tide-rock. Hundreds of Fall Kings will stack up awaiting fall rains to raise this river which is only 50 miles long. While stacked in these Lower Chetco pools Fall Kings are available for Flyfishing trip opportunities. Trolling for Fall Kings is also good in the Chetco estuary in October. The Chetco is a Federally Designated Wild and Scenic River and fishing for Fall Kings can be spectacular when the fall rains raise the Chetco and the Kings move upriver. Chetco Fall Kings fishing trip or fishing vacation opportunities run remains good from October to January.

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Elk River Fall Chinook Fishing near Port Orford Oregon

Oregon Fishing - Elk River Fishing - Elk River Salmon Fishing

Hahn Lee with 32# Sixes River King

October through January. The Elk River is 50 miles long with 10 miles of the best Fall King / Chinook Salmon fishing water for late season Fall Kings / Chinook in Oregon. The Elk River is a wonderful stream to fish for Fall Kings. A small costal stream with more Fall King / Chinook Salmon fishing holes per mile than I have ever encountered. These Fall Kings / Chinook will average close to 30 pounds with attitude, great fighters in small water makes these kings top sport. Mostly on our fishing trips use back-bounced roe or big back-trolled plugs from drift boats. You can combine your Oregon Fishing Trip or vacation to include the Elk River ~ Sixes River ~ Chetco River on the same Oregon fishing trip.

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Sixes River Fall Chinook Fishing near Port Orford Oregon

October to January

Oregon Fishing Port Orford Or. Fishing - Elk River Fishing - Sixes Rivers Fishing

Port Orford Or. Elk & Sixes Rivers a small seaport town with a fishing problem!

The Sixes River is a sister stream to the Elk, these two streams enter the Pacific Ocean at Cape Blanco State Park about 2 miles apart. Fall King / Chinook Salmon run 25 to 50 pounds in the Sixes. The Sixes is about 50 miles long and has a gentler gradient than the Elk. The Sixes is a more laid back stream not as intense as the Elk. There are more total miles of accessible fishing water on the Sixes than the Elk. To find more information on Fall King / Chinook Salmon go to our Guides and Outfitters page for best local Oregon fishing trip times and seasons for Fall Kings / Chinook.

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Oregon Winter Steelhead Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Elk River Winter steelhead

Elk River Winter Steelhead

Opportunities are best for Winter Steelhead in Southern Oregon. Mild weather and good fishing conditions blend with large healthy runs of winter steelhead. Populations of wild winter steelhead far out number hatchery returns. Running 6 to over 20 pounds these steelhead are real tackle testers. Mostly fished with drifted roe from Drift Boats or back-trolled plugs. Action can be intense as multiple hook-ups per day trip are the norm. Your Oregon Winter Steelhead Fishing Trip is best planned for January through March.
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Rogue River Winter Steelhead Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Rogue River Steelhead Fishing

Limit of Rogue River Hatchery Steelhead

Winter Steelhead runs show on the Lower Rogue at Gold Beach first of our Southern Oregon Rivers in December with possibly the nations largest run of over 100,000 winter steelhead. Most of these fish are Wild Stocks and will disperse through out the 5000 sq mile drainage of the Rogue Basin. Rogue River Steelhead runs continues to mid March with low pressure and great success. Drift Boats work the area of Foster Bar to Agness drifting roe while below Agness to Gold Beach Power Boats or Jet Sleds anchor with plugs or back-troll. Bank angling is primarily plunking with Spinning Glows or plugs.

In the Area below Grants Pass to Graves Creek on the Rogue drift boats work plugs or side drift roe for great catches with best success in February and March. On the Upper Rogue stretches at Medford and Shady Cove late February and March are best fishing trip times with April being a good bet also. This is a great Oregon Fishing Trip for all.
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Elk & Sixes Rivers Steelhead Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Oregon Steelhead Fishing

Hahn Lee with Sixes River Winter Steelhead

Winter Steelhead fishing on the Elk River or Sixes River should be planned for January through March.  Both streams have a native run only with a few Chetco River hatchery strays available for your harvest. In the Sixes River winter fishing is for all wild fish. The Elk River and Sixes River are pleasant rivers to fish with little bank fishing access. You are allowed to keep two winter fish per day of which only one can be a wild fish per day up to 5 per season may be part of the two fish limit.
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Chetco River Steelhead Fishing

Oregon Fishing - Chetco River Steelhead Fishing at Brookings Oregon

Chetco River Steelhead Fishing at Brookings Oregon

Winter Steelhead fishing on the Chetco River should be planned for late December through early March. Chetco Winter Steelhead fishing is one of the most productive Winter Steelhead fishing trips to be found. Winter Steelhead run 8 to 15 pounds on the Chetco with many in the 20-pound class caught every year.

The Chetco is another of Southern Oregon Federally Designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. The river has very good bank access for fishermen through out its 20 miles of accessible angling area. Making the Chetco River a great destination for those do it yourselfers without a boat.

Winter steelhead populations on the Chetco are about 50% hatchery stocks. Best methods are drifting roe or corkies and back-trolling plugs. Our Guides have many steelhead trips with 8 to 12 hook-ups per day with two anglers out of their Drift Boats.
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Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing

The Rogue River Country is the destination for very successful Summer Steelhead Fly fishing trips. Rogue River Country is the home to more Summer Steelhead and fly fishing opportunities than anywhere else on earth.

Famous Oregon Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Rivers located here in Rogue River Country are the North Umpqua east of Roseburg, likely the mecca of advanced Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing.

Rogue River from Gold Beach to above Shady Cove, has 160 miles of top Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing waters that suit all skill levels of Fly Fishing or conventional tackle where allowed.

Tthe Klamath River in Northern California has 150 miles of historic Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing from Klamath, California to Iron Gate Reservoir near Hornbrook, California.

This adds up to nearly 350 miles of top Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing rivers to Fly fish in Rogue River Country.  A Summer Steelhead Fishing Trip to Rogue River Country should be in every Fly Fisherman’s plans, its just that good!


North Umpqua River Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing

July through November

Oregon Fishing - North Umpqua River Fly Fishing

North Umpqua River Fly Fishing Mott Bridge

It is said that the North Umpqua River is a Summer Steelhead fishing graduate school. The North Umpqua is a tough place to get good fishing grades. The North Umpqua has the most beautiful scenery and waters for Summer Steelhead Fly fishing trip. Steeped in Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing history, if only the pools and riffles could talk. The North Umpqua Highway follows the North Umpqua up into the Cascades from Roseburg to Glide, then on to Steamboat, the heart of North Umpqua Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing. Across the on the south side the old Col. Mott trail will give access to the south side of the stream for about 5 miles.

Guides are not required but highly recommended for your Umpqua River Summer Steelhead fishing trip. If you are not an experienced North Umpqua Steelhead fisherman. Much of the best waters are Fly Fishing only. Wading can be treacherous and casting is demanding but rewards and beauty are beyond words here. A Fly Fisherman’s dream river.

Visit North Umpqua Steamboaters site for more information on guides and general information.

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Oregon Ocean Charters

Oregon Fishing - Gold Beach Ocean Charters

Ocean Charters at Gold Beach Oregon

Deep Sea / Bottom Fishing / Halibut / Tuna
Ocean Charter boat trips for Salmon and Bottom Fish are found out of numerous ports in Rogue Country. Rich feeding grounds and relatively low pressure combine for great fishing trip days on a Ocean Charter. A very rocky coastline with lots of structure has given Bottom Fish superior habitat to thrive, making the southern coast Bottom and Deep Sea fishing excellent.


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Oregon Coast Beach Fishing / Surf Casting

Oregon Fishing - Surf Casting at Gold Beach Oregon

Red Fin Surf Perch caught on Oregon fishing trip at Gold Beach off the beach

The Southern Coast offers endless Surf Casting opportunities from 150 miles of beaches and numerous jetties and break waters. Surf Perch to Ling Cod are caught with some Stripers in the spring months which are feeding on the live births of spawning Surf Perch. Stripped Bass populations are up especially near the Umpqua and Coquille Rivers.

Check with local tackle shops like Chetco Outdoor Store in Brookings – Rogue Outdoor Store in Gold Beach – Tony’s Port of Call in the Port area of Bandon and Bites On in Empire (Coos Bay / North Bend)