Bird Watching Vacation

An Bird Watchers dream is found at the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge, 15,000 ac. of fresh water marsh with open waters. The refuges habitat serves as nesting and brooding area for colonial nesting birds and waterfowl. Bald Eagles and Osprey will nest nearby can be seen fishing in Refuge water. A boat is a great help to Bird watching fans and help to explore the Upper Klamath Wildlife Refuge. There is a marked trail for canoes that is open year round. There are conoe rentals available.

 Klamath Basin / Wood / Williamson  / Fort Klamath

Birding Vacation Links:

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Osprey on the Rogue near Grave Creek Falls / John Craig Photo

Osprey at Graves Creek Falls / John Craig Photo

Klamath National Wildlife Refuge










Take the Bus leave the driving to us! Mother Merganser and her passengers.

Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

Mallard Drake Requesting runway clearance to land. Everybody out of the pool!

Dinner time is all the time if you want to become big-bird.

Bird Watching can be taken two ways! Here’s looking at ya!


Wonderful Bird the Pelican, his bill can hold more than his belly can!

 Valley Quail

Valley Quail checking out the morning around the Old Homestead.

Valley Quail

Things look good over here! Now this is Birdwatching!

 American Bald Eagle

I’m checking it out from up here! That’s what American Bald Eagles do. You will find Bald Eagles near lakes mostly. Almost all of our high lakes have populations of these masters of the sky. Often you will see Bald Eagles and Osprey in aerial battle for territory or the spoils of the hunt. The Klamath Basin has a large wintering population with a main wintering area owned and protected by Nature Conservancy.


Osprey add a little to the nest every year and will use the same nest year after year! Watching these great birds of prey build their nests and hunt rivers for their dinner is a entertaining experience.

Golden Eye Duck he’s Birdwatching Too!

Mom! Can I have my own room!